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About the State Coordinator for SHG

The state Government having acknowledged the need to have assessment and coordinated action plan  in the matter of Social Mobilisation in general and the movement of Self Help Groups in the state Notified a senior Civil Servant as the State Coordinator for SHG in the state.


The Role and Function of the State Coordinator for Self Help Groups are as follows : 

  1. Preparing a Directory of existing Self Help Group

  2. Preparing report on the status and health of each Self Help Group 

  3. Suggest measures for activating Moribund Self Help Group 

  4. To initiate a State Wide Network on SHGs, the function of which will be to help Co-ordinate efforts of the various Government Department, NGOs, Banks etc. that are involved in mobilising and forming SHGs. 

  5. To evolve a Policy with regards to adoption / co-opting of existence SHGs mobilised through Government programmes such as DRDA, Horticulture, Social and Water Conservation Department programmes etc. by newly introduced Government projects / programmes and NGO such that there is a Co-ordination of efforts and not duplication. This will also help provide a clear statistical reflection of the number and type of SHGs in existence in the field.

  6. To initiate dialogue with agencies involved in mobilising SHGs and urge them to form Federations of SHGs and Co-ordinate micro-enterprise livelihood activities such that there can be upscaled for achieving critical mass.

  7. To evolve a State Policy and Directives for Banks / Financial Institutions along the lines of RBI Guidelines / Directives with regard to SHGs.

  8. The State Co-ordination is to liaison with potential partners for providing support (Micro Credit, research and market analysis etc) to the SHGs and their Federations.